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Price Range: $500 – $1500 / month

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any page on a website that a user “lands” or first arrives on. On a business website, that page is usually the homepage, which is why it is important to include a call to action. But sometimes it is advisable to develop a landing page distinctly and separately from your main content pages and homepage, as a way to drive conversions through paid search and social media ads.

We often get the question of whether it’s better to design a landing page vs a website. The question entirely depends upon your digital marketing goals, but the quick answer is, if you are running a short-term promotion like black friday, a landing page might be your best bet. If you are looking for something more permanent, it’s better to publish lots of content (e.g. a blog) to get the most out of your keywords and open up channels for people to find you on the web.


Advertising is a combination of defining campaign goals, identifying a target audience, crafting the messaging and call to action, and creating landing pages. In the case of Google Ads, keyword research is also important. The entire process involves analyzing and iterating over a period of time to hone in on the market and messaging. You want to spend as little as possible while maximizing your conversion rate.

Picking the Right Ad Platform

The web design of a landing page doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to get the messaging right. If visitors who click on a link don’t see the right messaging, they are very likely to abandon your page and drive up your cost. Therefore it’s important to be able to test, measure and adjust your messaging several times througout your promotion.

If you can find the sweet spot where your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is lower than the average lifetime value for each customer, you can throttle spending as much as you want.

You can read more about increasing the lifetime value of your customers in a recent blog post on email marketing.

The best landing page design platform will be:

1. Nimble

A good platform will allow users to spin up new URLs quickly for A/B testing.

2. Automated

You should be capable of running A/B tests with the same ad and measure the results

3. Integrated

You should be able to integrate your a Facebook pixel and CRM backend (Mailchimp, Constant Contact) to set up specialized audiences for remarketing efforts.

For our pick, we like Unbounce, but we can work with ActiveCampaign, Clickfunnels and a variety of other marketing automation and design platforms to build and manage your pages for you.

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