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Price Range: $2500+

As our signature service, we will build a custom site uniquely branded for your product line or company, including a product catalog, shopping cart and checkout with payment integration. We can help your Ecommerce business, lifestyle brand or traditional store to expand its reach and engage new visitors by integrating clean, beautiful Ecommerce website design with a proven product marketing strategy. Our offerings can be broken into a 3 key categories:


The modern Internet is redefining how consumers learn, select, purchase, and use products and services. Therefore, owning a B2C ecommerce website makes it easier for a seller or manufacturer to target smaller consumer and niche markets for their products.


In today’s crowded B2B marketplace, buyers demand an easy, intuitive online buying and account management experience that’s so good that it feels like B2C.

Omni-channel Marketing

Linking your online and in-store businesses is essential to stay competitive. Shoppers want to buy whenever they want, through any channel, on any device, and expect a variety of delivery options.

Build or rebuild a successful online store built to last, leveraging modern day technology. As with all of our products, you get a fast-loading, responsive design that engages and converts traffic into what you need most: sales volume, paying clients and customers, all with no long-term commitment. We build your website, it is yours forever.

Key Benefits

Apart from the many standard features provided via an online E-Commerce platform or solution, we can also provide you with the following customized and value added services that will help you grow your online business to greater heights:

  1. A bespoke, customized, sales and payment solution
  2. A multi store environment where a single or multiple product catalogs can be promoted across multiple stores under multiple domain names but under the control of one point of administration
  3. A marketplace with CRM/ERP integration automating product data sync across omnichannel
  4. Store to store migration to and from platforms such as WordPress, Opencart, Magento, Squarespace, Shopify and Big Commerce
  5. A modular and scalable environment capable of growing with your brand or company
  6. A secure architecture with your most sensitive data not publicly accessible

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