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October 9, 2018// Client: Better Community by Design, LLC // Category: Custom Web Design, Wordpress Development


Better Community by Design is a real estate developer based out of Hawthorne, CA. They renovate local commercial and residential properties. As such, this custom web design project required showcasing the properties for review by potential clients and business partners.

Our goals were fairly simple. The website should be simple, clean, and stylish, allowing for additional properties to be added through the WordPress backend and managed by the web admin, and also for maximum web performance.

We accomplished both by building a lightweight WordPress theme. So lightweight, in fact, that the theme scored a 98 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights on desktop at launch. If you haven’t read the importance of page performance, you can read more here about it here.

If you need a lightweight website with high engagement, inquire about a custom web design.

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