Educational Program for Project-based Learning

October 19, 2018// Client: STEM 2 STEAM Education // Category: Copywriting, Landing Pages, Wordpress Development


STEM 2 STEAM Education is a system of project-based learning including coursework, activities, outreach and assistance for schools in the area of STEAM (sciences, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics). Their clients are students, teachers, school administrators and school boards looking to seamlessly integrate STEAM into their classes.

As a new program, the company needed a landing page, messaging and social media to present to investors and clients at trade shows and other events. We set out to build key messaging points and then wrap them around a beautiful, informative, WordPress-enabled website that spoke to all customer bases, and that we did!

If you need to build a landing page to target users and convert them into customers, consider adding our copywriting services to a custom landing page.

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