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"The Floater" and "The Tube Ride"

Price Range: $1500*-8000**

Looking to drive conversions higher? Consider incorporating a high-converting landing page with a branded video.

What is a Landing Page?

We often get requests for landing pages from people who really just want a low-cost website. That is an understandable misconception, and if you're looking to cut costs, we would recommend looking into our template-based web designs. So to be clear, a landing page isn't just a cheaply-made, or small website.

So now that we've covered what a landing page isn't, it's important to understand what a landing page is and how it differs from your website. While your business website should have multiple functions (e.g. a blog, galleries, contact forms, member log-in, etc) and caters to visitors from various traffic sources, a landing page is far more focused, driving traffic from a specific destination or place along the customer journey, with the purpose of triggering specific actions leading to a desired end goal. A landing page with multiple actions in a daisy chain is called a funnel. The end goal is usually the sale of a specific product, but it could be an email subscription or a contact as well.

sales funnel

As the landing page represents the 4 levels on the infographic below “awareness” the most important function is to convert as many potential customers into real customers as you can, which is why using targeted messaging is paramount. The more targeted your messaging can be for the visitors of your page the higher your conversion rate will be. The landing page/sales funnel should not replace your business website. The latter is your information hub. The former is a conversion machine for a slice of your target audience.

The Impact of Video on Conversion Rates

If you have a business model or product that requires in-depth explanation, consider incorporating a video to convey the necessary information in an easy-to-digest format. This can help your customers understand the core value of your product or business, which will lead them down the funnel to take the desired action.

Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80% (source: Unbounce). A well-crafted video, integrated with your landing page branding is an optimal way to connect with your visitors, engaging them visually and aurally while providing needed information that will drive the sale. It's also a great way to provide consistent branding across various forms of media.

In addition to the increased conversion, pages with video are 53% more likely to show up on page 1 in SERPs (source: Mist Media). So not only will video help you convert higher, it also has the added effect of pulling additional traffic from the search engines. That said, most landing pages are backed by advertising, so our main goal is to maximize your advertising dollar by driving up your conversion rate as high as possible.

Key Benefits

Here are some additional key benefits of using video on your landing pages:

  1. 41% more web traffic (source: SmallBizTrends)
  2. 64% greater chance to convert a sale (source: Hubspot)
  3. 95% greater information retention (source: Forbes)
  4. Remaining competitive in an increasingly video-driven marketing landscape

*Landing page only, without video

**Includes integration of a sales funnel with animation or live action video

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