‘2020 Vision’: 10 of the Hottest Web Design Trends for This Year

February 21, 2020// Category: Digital Marketing // Author: Samantha Hager

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In a modern society that prides itself on major advancements in every industry, a rising level of creativity in business, and a desire to become part of varying movements and cultural narratives, it’s no wonder why countless companies are redefining what it means to have a business website and how these sites look and interact with those that view it.

As such, with the 2020 year well on its way, it’s appropriate that we discuss some of the rising web design trends being seen in every industry imaginable and not only how these came to be but whether or not they are here to stay, what they mean for business as a whole, and how the average consumer is responding to them on a regular basis.

With this being said, below are ten of the most successful web design trends of this year with not only a description of what they are and how they function from a business and user perspective but also whether or not we predict they will last over time as well.


minimilism web design example - off the lip blog


1. Minimalism

If you’ve ever designed a website—or anything, for that matter—then you’ve likely heard the quite common phrase ‘less is more’. Fortunately, in 2020, this is truly the case once again.

In fact, not only is minimalism making a comeback but it is actually polling favorably with the average consumer once more as well. According to , “47% of consumers expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds.” This paired with the fact that most consumers would rather have a great user experience over more content makes minimalism a great option for 2020 web design.

As seen in the example above, the coffee is truly the highlight of this page and it is incredibly easy to navigate making it far less likely to become confusing or frustrating for the modern consumer to navigate. This is highly important nowadays as shown in a recent survey by Hubspot, which stated that 76% of consumers felt that the most important factor in a website’s design is how easy it makes it for them to find what they want.


artistic illustrations web design example - off the lip blog


2. Using Artistic Illustrations

Another highly common web design trend seen to be increasing in 2020 is the artistic illustration trend. Whether you utilize graphics online, have someone create an art piece to surround your site around, or make your own artistic illustrations, using art on your site is becoming more and more popular each and every day.

Perhaps, it is because art is associated with culture or because art is also typically something seen used by smaller companies. If this is the case, it is obvious as to why this trend is so popular with millennial and Gen Z individuals as studies have shown that 93% of modern shoppers prefer small and local retailers over name brand companies and would even pay more to support a local brand over a massive one.

Either way, by incorporating some form of art such as the controller seen above on your site, you can actually play into this consumer trend and see a boost not only in site traffic but your CTR likewise.


daring to be bold web design example - off the lip blog


3. Daring to be Bold

Although it may not come as a surprise to those of us that utilize apps each and every day and opt for dark mode every time, one of the most prevalent new website design trends of 2020 is the use of dark palettes and themes. According to WordStream, 95 percent of people prefer dark over light mode and actually want to see this trend bleed into web design as well.

As such, you may want to consider darker palettes with pops of vibrant colors such as pinks, purples, or blues since these colors are sure to work together, attract the eye, and also be visually pleasing to this large sect of dark-mode fanatics.


utilizing white space web design example - off the lip blog


4. Utilizing White Space

In the past, you likely heard that white space was essential for any successful web page. However, in the last few years, the more vibrant and text-ridden a site was, the better. This trend has been seen in countless sites and industries from edgy tech companies to retro clothing brands and more.

Well, for those of us that preferred the more minimalistic white space sites of old, we’re finally in luck with the white space-centric trend finally revamping in 2020 and setting the new decade off right.

According to research conducted by Human Factors International, white space increases comprehension by almost 20 percent. On top of this, the content becomes far more legible, the highly-valuable calls to action become more stark in contrast, and a cleaner site is also often considered to be more professional in nature as well.


5. 3D Graphics

Whether it’s a new product, your brand logo, or even simply some wild illustration looking to grab the attention of anyone that lands on your page, 3D graphic elements are truly becoming the standout web design trend of 2020—and for good reason.

Although everyone loves a unique page that gets people talking, the beauty in 3D page elements is that it helps people to visualize your products, brand, or brand image without actually being present in any way. When a pair of shoes or a brand logo is popping out of your screen, it really feels as though you can reach out and grab it. This is the effect you want to have on your customers when using 3D elements in your own site guaranteed.

Furthermore, what may be the coolest application of this concept isn’t even a front page application likely at all. While some brands opt to use 3D graphics for their products, others are using this trend to highlight their statistics in a fashionable and more interactive way. Imagine looking at a SEO company’s case studies and finding them jumping out at you instead of laying static and bland on the page. Not only would this pique your interest but it would likely increase the time you spend on this page as well.



breaking rules of typogarphy web design example - off the lip blog


6. Breaking the Fundamental Rules of Typography

Although you may typically feel as though text should be horizontal, never upside down, and also capitalized accordingly, the companies behind this 2020 web design trend seem to think otherwise.

In fact, these companies are actually trying to rethink the way we type our content on our sites by playing with their position, their lettering, their style, and even whether they are upside down, diagonal, or vertical.

Although this isn’t a trend we recommend for all companies, it may be a way to stand out from other companies in your industry and show that you are not afraid to be alternative in your field. As seen above, our mockup for an alternative clothing brand illustrates a great use of this restructuring of the rules of typography and proves that there are certainly times and places where this trend not only works but helps you to stand out in the crowd in doing so.


mixing illustration and realism web design example - off the lip blog


7. Creating a Seamless mix of Illustration and Realism

Although mixing illustration and realism is actually quite common in web design, this trend is taken one step further in 2020 by incorporating both in a seamless manner and making these elements the highlights of your site.

As seen in our mockup above, the woman is seen wearing glasses with a pattern in the lenses, a clear illustration pattern behind her, and a real photo as the background likewise. However, the star of this page is how seamlessly they work together and how vibrant and edgy it looks because of it.

However, one thing to take into account when using this trend in particular is whether or not your target audience will mesh with this format specifically. If you have a modern brand or a brand that specifically targets younger demographics, you can rest assured knowing they will enjoy the looks and elements. However, if your brand is aiming for professionalism or targeting an older demographic specifically, this is likely not the route to take in 2020.


8. Liquid Animation

Before even outlining what liquid animation in web design specifically is, it’s important to understand that this form of web design is only for those that are willing to focus their efforts on site speed in the future. If not, you may want to avoid this trend as it will likely slow your page down a bit without SEO being utilized properly moving forward.

With this said, liquid animation is a type of web design that focuses on liquid movements in the text, backgrounds, or design elements. According to UX Planet, “statistics confirm that 70% of consumers like a product after watching a video animation. Additionally, 92% of mobile viewers will likely share the animation with other people.”

As you can see in our video above, there are multiple liquid animations occurring at once and all of them help not only to keep the viewer engaged but to also want them to share your site with others. Another good example of this is actually the Off The Lip site front page that has a video but doesn’t reduce the speed of the site despite it.


audio ux website example - off the lip blog


9. Audio UX

According to Free Stock Photos, “Internet users remember only 20% of what they read while remembering an amazing 70% of what they hear. Audio on your website will help your message stay fresh with your visitors for longer…Using audio to convey a personal message to entice visitors to subscribe to your newsletter will result in up to 400% more subscribers than using traditional subscription marketing methods.”

Another good example of audio done right on a website is through the addition of podcast play buttons or music playlist buttons on the front page. While it doesn’t bombard individuals with music the minute they open your page, it allows them to listen to you or your favorite music as they scroll through your site which is a great way to convey your message in a more personal manner.

You can see an example of this in our podcast site mockup above which essentially gives the consumer a choice of whether or not to listen as they scroll. This is a great way to lower your bounce rate and also seem more approachable as a company owner or brand as well.


streamlined navigation website example - off the lip blog

10. Streamlined Navigation

Lastly, the final web design trend of 2020 in streamlined navigation. Essentially, this trend is where brands choose to have multiple elements on the varying pages of their site function as the menu rather than having a complete and sometimes overwhelming dropdown menu instead.

As you can see in our mockup above, instead of having the ‘startups’, ‘tech’, or ‘research’ menu options located next to the others in the top right corner, by making them interactive, you have played into a very common UX trend which is keeping the consumer interacting with your page longer by making it fun and unique.

According to Hostings Tribunal, “75% of people form their opinion of a website based on its aesthetics.” This is why making your full site engaging and unique is a great way to attract more users whilst also increasing the likelihood of a sale in doing so.


In the end, in the year 2020, web design is quite possibly one of the most important aspects of a business’ aesthetic. Without a great site to match your great products or services, you are sure to fail. With this being said, if you want to know more about web design, development, and the power of a fast and high-quality site, don’t hesitate to check out our custom web design services today!

After all, in our society, it’s rarely the products or services you provide but rather how you market them that matters most of all!

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