About Us

Behind the Name

In surfing, an “Off the Lip” is an aggressive turn off of the top of the wave that creates a big spray. It is bold, exciting and innovative, and a joy for both the surfer and onlookers. That’s how we see our work. While a surfer’s canvas is the wave, ours is the sites we produce. And we both get the same satisfaction when we pull it off successfully.

Behind the Company

Based in the South Bay cities of Hawthorne and El Segundo, the OTL team of consultants is led by two professional web producers/developers, with a keen eye for design principles and an understanding of best practices in the industry. Our team consists of specialists in marketing, design and content creation, to bring the best look and feel to our products. We are passionate about LA businesses, especially within the South Bay and Beach Cities communities, and are always on the lookout for talent and affinity partnerships in these areas.

Behind the Team

Our growing team of consultants is led by longtime industry professionals with an eye for business development and emerging web technologies. Our goal is to bring the latest standards and best practices in online performance to our clients.

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Omari Valentine

Co-Founder, President

Omari Valentine is a digital marketing executive and a business advisor for the SBA-funded Small Business Development Center in Hawthorne, CA. He is a valued member of his community, guiding businesses through everything from web design to content marketing. As President of Off the Lip, Inc., Omari has lent his nearly two decades of learnings from diverse interactive industries including video games, insurance and education, to establish a results-driven, business-oriented web design firm.

Omari’s brain child, Off the Lip, is a natural marriage of his love for creative expression and achieving goals through careful planning and execution.

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